Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My mould is on its way to Cleveland; I found a tube just long enough b/c I am lucky to know people who bring home tubes knowing that I will always need them.

Now that the worst is over, including a stomach bug and oppressive summer heat/humidity, I might be able to do another edit to the hanji entry in Wikipedia. From time to time, I do a search for "hanji" and today I found the most amazing things. It's heartening, b/c it means that more people are more interested, and not just here. I found out that my jiseung video was embedded onto a Romanian site! It's a blog entry about hanji and actually does a good job with history and purposes and so on. My goal to spread hanji awareness to the English-speaking world had seemed daunting enough, so I'm glad that people are taking care of the zillion other languages that I don't know.

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