Sunday, June 13, 2010


I feel like I was taken away on rip tides the last few days. Nothing crazy, but in the haze of not enough sleep (jet lag was actually not bad at all! I rather liked its effects), I didn't record much. I saw Jeannie on Friday at Veselka and then we went to see Maria present her latest weddings. As a surprise treat, I saw Mimi there! I hadn't seen her in years. For an event that was supposed to go until 8:30pm, I stayed late. Home by 1am.

Yesterday was all Korean. Dentist, haircut, food, gallery, groceries, parents, and new hair clips (b/c I had broken mine by jumping right onto it from the treadmill when it fell out of my hands while exercising). Flights to Cleveland have doubled since I was checking so this week will be all about that trip and other less fun admin. But maybe today I will give myself a proper sabbath.

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Maria the Korean Bride said...

You are too good. Rest will you?