Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One more hurdle

I was looking for a new journal to take to Cleveland and found the perfect one! I had gotten a set of five or six of these in Korea last year, all different covers, and different insides, too (lined, plain, graph, etc.). This is the penultimate one.

My last big logistic before I fly in a couple days is figuring out if and how I will ship the longest pieces of my mould for making hanji. Regulation tubes are all about 38 inches but I need 10 more inches than that. So either I build a contraption to ship or I build a contraption to possibly fight with the airlines about. The good news is that I had a great convo with Michael Bixler today to get tips on building a sturdy vat in Cleveland (fingers crossed that I meet some brilliant carpenters there who can help me with the job since I am the last person who should ever go near a table saw), and then a long-overdue convo with Velma, who always inspires and supports and is one of the reasons I will always miss the North Country. "NEAR NATURE NEAR FRIENDS" is apt.

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  1. oh i LIKE near nature, near friends. safe travels my friend.


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