Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loving & Daring and return

Jami told me the other day, "stop making decisions." So very wise. She was able to diagnose my symptoms as re-entry ones. Please excuse my recent tantrums.

Yesterday, I went to LAVA's latest show, a remix of dances from their last 10 years. I cried so much, starting from when their junior company, Magma, came out and started the show. I encountered LAVA through two of their dancers back in 2002 when I took a trapeze and acrobatics class with them at the Kitchen, encouraged by E (it was when she and I were both going through our 20s in NYC and this was the BEST possible outlet for us). Even after I left NY for Chicago, I stayed in touch w/my teachers and saw them grow their careers, go through changes and huge trials, and still be what they were to me then: strong, fierce, amazing women.

I never took dance or movement classes as a child. I always wanted to and was jealous of my little sister b/c she took ballet and was a morris dancer. Music was a great outlet for me, but I wanted more. When I saw those girls take the stage, dancing, tumbling, trapeze-ing, and being exactly what they were--bright, beautiful, strong girls--I cried. I was so grateful for LAVA for making a space for girls to be unafraid of their bodies and strength. Then two longtime company members (one being the artistic director) did a trapeze duet. And I cried again: these women have been getting better and better over time. Their physical prowess is stunning. I used to work as a grant maker, and LAVA would apply but always make it to the final round and not get funded. But once I left, they finally started to be recognized for their work and the funding opened up. I also cried when I saw my teacher dancing. Two years ago, she was attacked and slashed in the street. If you didn't know this, you'd never be able to tell from the way she performs. I could go on. I was moved. If I wasn't so slow on blogging these days, I would have posted immediately b/c tonight at 7:30pm is their last show for this run at Dixon Place. Go if you can.

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