Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hot days

Whew! It got hot today. My appt was cancelled, so I took a long morning doing research on the next few days and pre-packing. I've never packed so early before a flight. After errands, I decided to walk south again and through the Botanic Gardens to get to the city centre, but once I crossed the river, I changed my mind b/c it was so hot, and just turned up the walkway along the Lagan River, which I've never walked before. And I saw this mural! Which I love. At least, it's my favorite Belfast mural. No, my fave Northern Irish mural.

I decided today would be the buying gifts for people at home day, and hit shops downtown as well as on the very end of my usual bus route. Then I came home to a strong desire for fresh fruits and veggies so I have eaten a bunch and a pot of split pea soup is on the range. I may be offline for a few days and afterwards, hopefully I will have beautiful things to share.

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  1. amazing mural. wendy says she knows the answer. i'm off line a bit, too, into the woods with hooligans.


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