Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sitting pretty to mad dashes

Holiday in the Lake District was wonderful and exactly what I needed. I had a beautiful bath, tons of good food, endless tea, fresh rhubarb from the garden, walking, swinging, a bonfire, and a visit with a huge swan. Among other wonders.

Now I am in London, and exhausted from running around: the V&A, National Gallery, lecture and exhibit at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, and all sorts of other things in between. Then Michael made a delicious Korean dinner b/c I was homesick for the food. A perfect way to celebrate: I've reached my Kickstarter goal, as of today!!!! The last bit of it all came while I was unable to be online, while on holiday. LOVE how things work when you finally stop working.


  1. hooray!!! bravo! bravo!

  2. my dear, you should say, when one stops worrying!!!
    now it's my turn! uh!

    enjoy a sunny London! (is it?)


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