Sunday, May 23, 2010

Return from holiday

The Korean section of the V&A is quite skimpy. It's just a hallway, courtesy of Samsung. But at least I got to see these embroidered rainbow pieces from wedding garments that I had seen years ago in a book. Yesterday's flight to Belfast was slightly delayed but otherwise, my travel was uneventful and easy. Michael had taken me to Hampstead Heath, bid farewell, and then I joined Ilga and her husband and son for a huge picnic. The weather in London was insanely nice, and I expected it to be much cooler back in Belfast, but it's warm and sunny today, too. It was weird coming back to the house b/c I am only used to it cold. Now it is emitting strange house smells with the warm weather and all the hot air is trapped upstairs. The laundry dried in a snap this morning on the line.

This is a chair, 'honey-pop,' by Tokujin Yoshioka (concertina-folded paper, no. 125 in an edition of 300). I just re-drew some Inuit carvings on ivory into a notebook to take to the studio this week. Tomorrow I do a lecture, and two days after that, too, so I need to be working hard now that I am back in town. But that week away was the best gift I could have given to myself. I saw five friends, met people important to them, ate remarkably well, had comfortable beds, was pampered, and had both the country and city mouse life with no drama. Very thankful for all of it. Only have pictures of the country b/c London--well, why take pictures when it's all been done before already?

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  1. a comfortable bed!!!!!auchhhhhh!!!
    l'm very happy for you, princess (you have always been). and l'm looking forward my own vacation to France! maybe l even have one cozy bed!


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