Monday, May 10, 2010


I saw this on the sidewalk passing the university. It seemed very appropriate. I have been totally up and down today. I can tell that I'm struggling b/c of how much I am eating. The mail came earlier than expected, and Maria's package was amazing: chocolates from NYC. The note was even better: "for those miserable days...know that you have friends who love you." The timing was spot on b/c I had just finished my last bit of chocolate and it was indeed starting out as a miserable day.

I wanted to check out the Crescent Arts Centre so I walked south today and also tried a Korean place (not really Korean, but the closest thing I'll ever find here) for lunch. I walked into three totally packed post offices, so I headed to the studio and forced myself to work. I fell back on making a book, and it was amazing how soothing that was. I had made the covers weeks ago but never had the balls to do anything with it, so today was that day. After eating a second lunch.

These are the dried flowers that came w/the chocolate. Most were crushed but I was able to salvage a handful of buds. I decided not to push too hard, and left the studio at 5:45pm after making 10 cords. I realized that one VERY good part of my day was NOT walking my normal route (which I kind of's ugly and congested), so I decided to cap the day by walking the morning route, even though it was out of the way. I love walking through the Botanic Gardens and Ormeau Park, and I was almost home, wondering why I didn't do this more often, when I saw why: a gaggle of boys kicking a ball in the street. I braced myself, and even though it was only one boy who did the "I only know how to vent my discomfort with your presence by mocking whatever language you speak that can't possibly be the language that I speak" nonsense, it completely deflated me. That downer led to eating two dinners.

But I had another nice chat w/Yvonne in the studio today, and Lisa recommended getting art supplies in London b/c this city is barren in that regard (I take this for granted, easy access to basic supplies). I also know that the doldrums are temporary, and necessary. Eleanor is less than an hour away, and will spend the night, so that may help shift my perspective.

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  1. love the rosebuds in the tiny vessels. hope here.


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