Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long lovely weekend

Shooting in Belfast, explosion in Derry, but all was well in my bubble of sweet artist friends and circles. Yesterday, I made cords and watched a great talk on suburbia, then ran errands and met Fiona to do a brief recording before doing a few things in the studio, like making hanji yarn out of inked paper. Then more errands, and off to a Eurovision costume party! Wow. Talk about politics. The food was amazing, complete with flags from each nation, and I met lots of interesting people. By the time Germany won, the last train back to Belfast had already left, so I stayed over in the big beautiful bed again, but only for about 5 hours.

Today, I got a ride to the station, knitted the whole train ride, and nearly ran home (since buses only run once an hour on Sundays) to make sure I was presentable for a day with Bridget and her partner. They picked me up for a family visit to a wonderful country cottage, gardens, and grazing land for cows and sheep. Lunch was delicious and we took a walk afterwards--both hot and cold, depending on the wind and sun.

Then we visited Nendrum Monastery's remains on Mahee Island and got to see lots of Strangford Lough on the drive. Pics here.

On returning to Belfast, I helped grate beets for dinner, and Bridget and I went to get a movie ("Sherlock Holmes") and ice cream for pudding (the word for dessert). I loved that at both the country and city homes, we were burning fires to stay warm. It was a perfect, laid-back day, except for the running on very little sleep part. And the coming home to do laundry part. But I'm hoping to sleep like a rock tonight.

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  1. what a weekend! i took tons of ruined stone building pics when i was in england. is that a familiar scarf?! glad you had fun with bridget.


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