Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fools and booze

This guy had a huge crowd, which probably had a lot to do w/the music (no, he was good, too). Which was so, so fun. The kids were going WILD, tiny children who just couldn't control themselves and kept dancing and screeching and running to pick up record sleeves that were props. I ran off early b/c it started pouring and had already been a cold day. I spent a great morning in the studio before heading to the Festival of Fools again (here are my pics so far of the festivities).

I had wanted to see a gig before that one, but when I saw parts of it, was unimpressed b/c it was super basic acrobatic stuff that I had learned years ago from LAVA members. This guy was part of a duo that I saw first b/c, of course, I was curious as to what violinists would be up to. Afterwards, I emailed Ben and he said, "you are so talented! You've already done all of those things: violin, acro, and breakdancing." Oh, my former life.

After grabbing a bar of dark chocolate, I took the bus home in the rain only to see it clear up from inside. I gathered up my energy and left again for an evening of life drawing at Menagerie. Lisa had told me about Dr. Sketchy but no one told me about the massive amounts of alcohol involved. At the door, I was offered a jello shot. And after each pose, the model chose her favorite drawing (there were three models). That person would then take a shot from a tray of mystery shots. I already had some beer from the bar, but three shots later, I'm not sure how I was still drawing. But I had a great time and the theme was hilarious: the wild, wild west. Always fun to see interpretations of US culture. Tomorrow is the big Bank Holiday here, which is a good thing, b/c I have a feeling I will be quite hung over and needing a slow start to the studio day. It'll be the last day of fools, so I'm hoping to catch some acts that got rained out and also the closing ceremony. Wohoo!


  1. now you can say, with a swagger (and a hiccough), "bin thare, dun that."

  2. Aimee's break dancing was clearly part of an elaborate scheme to avoid the draft:

  3. Sorry, it doesn't look like the link will fit. The Korea Times ran an article on how some Korean break dancers feigned mental illness to avoid serving in the military.


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