Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Done and free to unwind!

I saw this while killing time before my talk. Yesterday I had to ask Inga and Andy at dinner what "mushy peas" were on the menu at Jamaica Inn.

But after all that stress and the nightmares and worries about being polite yet conveying my experience here honestly, it's over!

Today's talk went well despite slight technical issues. This is always my first slide for talks I do about my work.

I also do a magic trick every talk when I talk about hanji: peeling a corner of a sheet of paper to show that it's really two sheets in one. This means I always have to have a stash of laminated hanji. Hopefully after a summer in Cleveland, I can restock w/my own hanji again.

Big thanks to Lucinda for taking pictures during the talk. Tomorrow I get to meet a printmaker for lunch and mentor an artist doing the graduate residency at Flax. But tonight, it's all about feet up, tea in hand, and release.

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  1. These are great photos - it's fun to see you in lecture action!


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