Thursday, May 27, 2010

A big rainbow after the big rain

[Bangor, two evenings ago.] I am amazed by how tired I still am. I got my hands and nails dirty today in the studio working on a sudden spurt of ink-grinding energy, after having bumped into both Lisa and Fiona in the street downtown. I had a lovely lunch with Bridget at her uncle's restaurant and then tea with Rob across the street at Black Box. He gave me a tour of the art college, which was fun, poking into studios that have been transformed into gallery spaces for the upcoming openings next week, and then gave me a ride home after we got caught in a downpour. At least there was a great view of a ginormous rainbow from the car park.

I realized yesterday that I feel most at home and calm while in transit, just sitting on a bus or train or airplane. So I may indulge in a day trip tomorrow. I'll see how I feel tomorrow, and then either trek north or just head to the studio.

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