Monday, May 31, 2010

Another bank holiday, another Monday

The penultimate Monday. Dragging in the morning, but had a nice lunch and walk with Lucinda (and very disappointing chocolate milkshake made from vanilla ice cream). I got to the studio and was so unable to work in the heat upstairs that I shoved together three chairs in the communal area downstairs, lay down, phoned home, and then napped as best I could.

After sitting with Lisa and talking for a while, I finally cooled down enough to actually get four new pieces started. I'll do the second layer once I get back (it might even have to wait until September but I'm hoping the summer), but it felt good to finally push through some stagnant energy and also hanji that had been laying around for so long. Then an opening of 1st-year MFA students, and a lovely dinner at Fiona's that Allan made. Yum. I also got suggestions for gifts to bring back, and places to do final traveling. But for now, more sleep!

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  1. oh, that big "roll" of hanji. were you tempted to use it for your pillow?!


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