Monday, March 29, 2010

Looking way forward

It's been dreary for a little while, which may be preparing me for the next two months. I checked the weather in the British Isles yesterday before I started the Big Pack, and it was distressing to see the way they have this grey cloud cover over everything--it's a visual effect I have never seen on weather maps. After the process of finding out that Continental will only let me check one bag w/o an extra $100 roundtrip fee, I spent days being angry, bargaining, and then resigning myself to paying for a 2nd bag. But after seeing my supplies and materials (and clothes) sprawled around my empty luggage last night, I thought hard about what I really want to do and bring and am victorious again: I'll travel the way I always do, with one large bag, one smaller one, and a backpack. Hopefully the extra space on my return trip once my toiletries and food and other expendables are gone will be filled with soda bread and tea.

I haven't met my unrealistic expectations for my administrative work, so I'll have to do some in Belfast, but when is that NOT the case? If anything, I am truly excited for being in the studio again, working. Which reminds me, I have to find my knitting needles to pack...


  1. I will never, ever forget my first visit to Scotland in the 90s. On one of my last few days there, I went to see some extraordinary carved Pictish stones. I'd left them till a bit too late in the trip, and the one day I had left to be able to see them was grey and pissing rain, and involved a 3 - 4 mile trek from the train station into the hills. But I was determined, and put on my wellies and slicker and went for it, water running down my face and into my boots. About a third of the way there, I passed a similarly-attired woman of my own age out with her collie, who beamed at me and said, "Lovely day, isn't it?"

  2. the british isles....grey and damp...better get used to the idea.


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