Monday, March 01, 2010

Bigger inches

I had a huge surprise in the mailbox, the best kind: completely unexpected (I know that sounds redundant but to me it isn't). Terttu sent me a card and a totally hilarious photo of Ben and me from her visit in January! LOVE IT. I've worn the scarf Velma gave me all day and did everything on my "MONDAY GOALS" list!! Which is great, b/c it means that I finally am setting realistic goals and also working my ass off. I edited an article, captioned photos, took care of emails, and started another article that required way more research than I expected (but as Jami, who is on her fancy book tour, pointed out not so long ago, I am actually very good at research. Even though I never knew it). I had at least six cups of tea and was good about eating except when I fell into the pit of chocolate-covered pretzels. Not only that, but they are xmas tree pretzels w/green and red sprinkles. In March.


  1. i have this pic of you and your decadent goodies, wearing the scarf(!) hunched over the computer. the rest of the pic--weird pjs!

  2. greata pic of pic!


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