Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A truce with ugly

I spent two hours walking over three miles to mail an app at the post office (this pic is from weeks ago, though). I figured that 22 degrees that "feels like" 15 was the warmest I'd get for the trek and didn't want to wait until tomorrow for the car b/c the holiday falls next week on the deadline. It's ugly there, and ugly back, though I cut through trails and woods and deep snow on the way home. At the same place where I was offered a ride before, a nice man with Alaska plates slowed to say he felt sorry for me walking on the side of the road (I am positive that it is a sorry sight), and though it's hard to trust people, he'd be very happy to give me a ride. I was almost home so I declined, but it made my day. I talked to my sister about the walk and she said, so it was a nice walk on country roads and I said, no way! It's ugly but I have come to a peace with the ugly: it's here to stay so there's no need to spend energy on wishing it to go away.

Last night I bucked up and edited the first item to show up on an internet search for hanji, b/c the previous entry was somewhat misleading. It still needs a ton of work but at least I'm making progress.

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