Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love this trip's pics

My favorite sign near ByWard Market, just a minute or two from our hotel. Inside the market, we got super yummy bubble tea and I was tempted to buy TONS of loose tea, but I didn't, since I'm lazy about drinking loose tea.

More ice sculptures. I didn't realize until I saw them that they have to work with big bricks of ice and that it's not just one HUGE hunk that they carve.

Yesterday was Ontario's Family Day, and Rideau Canal was full of people, skating and not. Ben and I are not avid skaters, so we skipped it.

Besides, it was COLD! This was after we drove in--I asked Ben to take me to Gatineau first...

...to see the Afghanistan exhibit at the Civilization Museum (obviously, this is not part of that exhibit). When I found out it was there, AND that they had that gold crown (the one that apparently is very similar to specific Korean gold crowns) from the Tillya Tepe excavation, I had to go. It was quite crowded, but I loved the pieces. The gold work was luscious. There were SO many little hearts!

.This is a more realistic shot of how tiny the parade in Chinatown was: the truck w/a drummer starts it, and the dragon tail ends it. The three performers (two lion dancers and one person in a tiger suit) are inside the Ben Ben Restaurant wishing it good luck. Apparently the parade stopped at any new businesses to wish them well.

We stopped watching in a hunt for very satisfying Vietnamese food,

in an attempt to recover from the decadent dinner from the night before. I did not drink that entire beer by myself, but I ate a lot of food.


  1. Looks SO FUN! Also, your coat is gorgeous.

  2. tou look so happy! l like to see you happy!
    and that coat is indeed warm!


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