Monday, February 01, 2010

Escaping the cage

I was so happy to see Velma's car when I pulled into her driveway. I took my time today going outside to clean the snow off of Ben's car. I was embarrassed once I got out, b/c all the other cars were gone and the lot was plowed, except for the space around his (since all the soldiers went to work while I was sleeping). There was a LOT of snow and I did the best I could (I couldn't reach everything up top) and then backed the car into a clean spot. I got inside and knew I had to make a getaway b/c I wanted to get away from the construction and snow plow guys for fear of looking like an obvious outsider in a very turquoise coat.

I had done such a crappy job of cleaning off the important parts of the car that I thought that my wiper fluid was frozen. Velma helped me when I left, opening the hood, checking the fluid (low but still there), adding some more, and then getting rid of the ice and snow that was blocking the nozzle. Voila! She also taught me the cleaning the headlights w/snow trick, after I stupidly sprayed her w/wiper fluid as she stood next to the car as I gleefully kept wiping the windshield clean. The ride home was a little scary in the dark, but I made it back safely and was relieved to find that they finally plowed the big mess of snow that I had left in the old parking spot.

It was SO GOOD to visit Velma today. I went first to see her daughter Hannah's photo exhibit at the arts council in Potsdam. I didn't want to go to the base post office, so I stood in a long line at the local one in Potsdam instead, feeling like a normal civilian out in the world. It's great to be able to be able to talk about all of my human frailties with her - how I've been stuck these days in a whole assortment of feelings like jealousy, mistrust, and frustration that the world isn't as good as I want it to be. Which obviously make it hard for me to work in a healthy way. But I feel better getting things off my chest to a friend in person, who gets me and the challenges of juggling as a female artist. My throat is killing me, but I am coughing a lot less so I hope it fades soon and I can get to being positive and productive this month.

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  1. i think you need to venture into the foothills now and again to keep you closer to the sky!


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