Monday, January 11, 2010

Work mounds

I am attempting to be online less and working more. Mostly, emailing less frequently and being less lazy (like, taking out the trash every night even though I have to bundle up to do it). I spent yesterday unpacking and reorganizing and getting things in order to prepare for work. Two apps go out tomorrow. Today I took an online defensive driving course, which was long and sometimes sleepy, but I actually learned a ton and they even had a whole section on Princess Diana! That was the "wear your seat belt" lecture (b/c if she had, she likely would still be alive today).

Not much else besides having read Everything Matters! before I came upstate, digging into Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, and starting The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time this morning before a short workout. All thanks to Jami, whose The Melting Season is launching VERY SOON. Also, I made a yummy salad tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like I've dug myself far enough out of work to get some work done!

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Unknown said...

i love everything matters!