Monday, January 04, 2010

What a Monday

Trying to do a job search and application process for someone else while also doing my own research and apps really is no fun at all. I managed to do very little on my app today besides make copies of the form, but I DID accomplish something huge: I finally organized, labeled, and made public my photos of my dyeing lessons in Seoul! It's still incredible to me how long it took for me to deal with them. Now that it's over, I can tackle the weaving set (which has about 4x more photos. Eek!).

Today's BIG DEAL was getting an unexpected package from my dyeing teacher: he sent a box of dried food (eggplant, peppers, pepper leaves, zucchini, radish, and another herb I don't know the name of) and two containers of special tea from plants of Baekdu Mountain on the Chinese/North Korean border. Plus a wonderful letter (saying that he hopes that I can get a good taste of Korea through the goodies he sent) on a beautiful card done by a Korean printmaker. I was wailing as I opened the package, b/c I had been meaning for at least a month to send him a letter (I don't think he has email) but kept putting it off. I was waiting for my artwork to arrive back from the Lake George show so that I could send something I had made out of hanji I dyed at his place as a gift. But now! There is no way to match his gift properly. I was SO touched, and reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have met teachers like this, who truly care, even from a distance and even after time has passed. He and his wife loved that I ate their food so happily, and I remember how they would go to the mountains to pick herbs and he would dry them outside during lessons, and we would eat them at lunch, both fresh and re-hydrated.

I need to just bear down and DO things. It would probably help decrease my stress.

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  1. so wonderful..what goes returns, somehow!


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