Wednesday, January 06, 2010


That was a doozy, but I trimmed away at least 100 photos and have made public the bulk of my jiseung (paper weaving) photos from Korea. WOHOO!! Time to snack on dried peppers, as a reward and stress reliever.


  1. Aimee, can you pass along a recipe for that picture (멸치볶음?). Looks delicious and I just bought a bunch of large dried 멸치 to make 순두부.

  2. funny - it's actually dried 고추 and it was not supposed to be pan fried! apparently it was already treated w/something and should have been eaten straight, but my mom threw it in the pan and burned them all. they're still good. i have no idea how my teacher and his wife made them in seoul, though.

    but 멸치볶음 is actually really easy to make! i just heat up some oil in the pan (whatever you like - olive, or probably something that works well in high heat), add the 멸치, and heat it up. once they're evenly coated in oil, add a little bit of honey (this is what will cause them to start burning and you want to make sure it distributes evenly). i assume you could use sugar, too, or anything sweet, like rice syrup. once they start getting crispy, you're done.

  3. I am loving all the photos from the past few days! In particular, the weaving - partially because it's so unfamiliar to me, and also because of the solid dimensionality. (And the patterns of your teacher's large basket!).
    What's most, most, most intriguing is the entire journey that's now been revealed to us: from harvest to pulp to sheet to color to cord to object. (Not that I'm suggesting more editing, or maybe I am!)
    Thank you so much for allowing us to experience it!

  4. oh, i definitely see many possibilities for more editing. i just had no idea it would be so time and energy consuming! so i've given myself the space to just do it as i can, even if it takes a while, and let it unfold over time.

    and, of course, i needed to get clearance from my own teacher to make it okay to go public!

    his large basket is *amazing* - i wish i had a picture with him next to it so you can see just how huge it is.


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