Sunday, January 03, 2010

Greatness in the face of wind and cold

[This picture is in honor of Terttu.] I was not excited about tramping all over town today in the bitter cold and brutal wind, and it didn't help that I sleepily got on the wrong train to my sister's apt and had to then walk 20 blocks to reverse my error, while seeing a tiny woman with a cane nearly fall over in the street from the force of the wind. But it was totally worth a cozy lunch with Jami, and the luxury of being driven around while erranding with her and capping off w/hot cocoa. Hanging out w/her makes me miss hanging out with super intelligent people (as much as it scares me at the same time), and it also gives me lots of good ideas and inspiration. Plus, I was returning three books to her, and she brought me four more, so I will be totally set for my remaining not-even-two-months back on base when I return in a week.

Then I ran around town and hit no less than six stores in search of the perfect 2010 planner. Failed miserably. I'm too picky to settle on one but too stubborn to give up and make my own, as I have for four of the last five years. While killing time, I walked into a little store crammed with all sorts of goodies, and walked out with three tiny trinkets made from old furniture. I picked figures that sat on birds or alligators, with multiple hands b/c it reminds me of being busy.

Then I met Jeannie and nearly 20 of her and her sister's friends for a fabulous dinner. I learned about fishing regulations in NY, the programming for this month at the Museum of Natural History, photo paper, and how to raise and lower cholesterol through dieting. Also, one of my violin heroes was there: Jason Hwang!! I love meeting famous, talented artists who are also real, nice people. Mary picked up the entire tab in honor of her father, who had passed away seven years ago, but had always made excuses during his lifetime to have huge gatherings for meals that he would pay for. Today was his birthday. Eerie and beautiful, since Jami and I had just talked earlier about giving money and time to charity.

Now that I'm home, I'll finish The Dew Breaker before facing the work week ahead. I count my blessings: a warm shelter, a big bed where I can house my computer, books, journal, and five pillows, a full stomach, a healthy family, and the most exquisite friends I could dream up.

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