Thursday, January 07, 2010

Final day out

This is lokta, panels of which were lining the backs of the elevator in the Museum of Art and Design, where Jeannie and I went tonight to catch the paper cutting show. I thought it was kind of gimmicky, but I think that is the tendency. It's definitely a crowd pleaser. What I loved most, though, was the Madeline Albright pin exhibit - that was quite a collection, and what drove it were all the stories behind the pins she wore: when, where, and why. It was very straightforward, and a little cramped, but delightful.

I met Jeannie earlier at the Met, and had a good time running through the shows we felt like seeing and galleries we liked best. I was so happy that the Korean art gallery was so well lit! I think this is likely b/c there weren't any pieces that would suffer light damage. I know it's important to protect art, but I get frustrated when it's so dark that you can barely see it. We had soup and a cookie in between, and she gave me a beautiful piece of her art, which reinforced one of the few reasons I would want to own a home: to display art by my friends, and all the other little things I've collected along the way.


mjc said...

The lokta looks exactly like what happened when one of the women who took my class in San Antonio embossed bubble wrap onto fresh abaca sheets.

aimee said...

funny! the tag on the lokta (you can see the corner of the tag but i was shooting on a crowded ride - there was some cruise boat event going on the same night - so it came out completely blurry), from what i can remember, said it was manipulated w/chopsticks while wet and backed with another sheet of paper.