Sunday, January 31, 2010

Better sitting than driving

I was up at 3:50am today so that Ben could get to the airport on time for his family trip to Jamaica. When I finally got the car home, took a nap, and then woke up, it had started snowing. Which sucked, b/c today was my planned trip to see Velma. We had to settle for talking on the phone a bit before postponing for Mon or Tues, based on which gets less snow, since I'm not a snow driver.

The benefits of being snow stranded at home alone: doing laundry in peace, not cooking, finding artists like Ke-Sook Lee online, researching Wikipedia editing procedure (hanji deserves a more accurate entry!), snacking indiscriminately on cookies, and not cleaning snow off the car. And I'll finally share the critical article done for my Miami show despite some of the errors. Truth: I did know my grandfather and he died in 2000. Truth: my interest in Milarepa came out of building my tower of paper bricks and talking w/my meditation teacher about how his teacher, Marpa, made him build huge stone structures and then take them down, over and over again, to work out his karma for using black magic to kill people for family revenge.


  1. i'll get over it, but geeze! weather conspiracy.

  2. i am glad i didn't drive: i just went outside to take out the trash and it was like...well, it was like pure wonder. no one was outside and it was quiet and there was SO much snow. it's still coming down and it felt amazing. but only b/c i was on foot and coming right back into a warm home. i don't know what i would have done if i had driven through, and back to this!!

  3. my god. it cleared here and got windy. we walked at 3.30 and got really cold.


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