Thursday, December 10, 2009

A veritable harvest

So much to share! This picture does no justice whatsoever, but believe me when I say it has been snowing nonstop since I got up at 5-something in the morning. I'm trying to reset my hibernation clock and tried also to do PT (physical training AKA working out at the crack of dawn) on my own while I knew that Ben would be doing the real thing outdoors (they did part of PT outside today in this wind and snow!).

I only realized now that Diaspora Vibe put sweet pics up on their blog of the reception for my show last week. I swear I will get a haircut before the new year b/c this is unacceptable business.

Also, Jami has a new website! It is a very sexy new website. And it even has some of my artwork on it. Co-conspirators are the best. We are scheming a collaboration, which will be fabulous if for no other reason that her pictures and writing will be a big part of it.

Part of my helping out w/the deployment was doing a load of new uniforms for Ben. But when I opened the washer, I was overwhelmed by the stink. Para-aramid??! I know it's good to have flame-retardant gear, but this stuff smells like you would get cancer by putting the thing on. If it wasn't blizzarding outside, I would totally hang it outside to dry. But instead, it's poisoning a bathroom. I mean, I know that probably the carpet and HVAC ducts here and my new yoga mat will give me cancer, too, but it makes me so sad that you have to fight the evil of possibly getting killed or severely wounded by fire with the evil of lacing your clothes with total sketchiness. This hits particularly close to my heart b/c my dear artist friend Julie Laffin got multiple chemical sensitivity from washing and drying pesticide-laced army blankets in preparation for a performance and installation about war. It's amazing to think you can become disabled by doing something you love.

ANYway, on a more cheery note: my sister sent me a link for a very adorable cover of a pop song done by a toddler. I was mesmerized by his hands and fingers and how sure he was (not always, but when he knew the chords, he knew!) of what he was doing. And I missed that feeling very much. So I pulled out my violin for the first time since I can't remember. It has probably been over a couple years. I re-strung it w/my last set of strings and took it for a spin. It was incredible: all the details I remember from my lessons, the things I still had memorized, what I couldn't do anymore that made me feel like I might if I were to become paralyzed, and most importantly, remembering how much I love this thing, this relationship. I remembered why I only dated musicians for years. And every part of my struggle in learning to master the instrument (not like I have! But I spent a lot of time trying). It really was one of the major foundations of my self-discipline, and I'm grateful for that.

I also realized that this is probably the best place/time to play on a regular basis! No neighbors (since they're all at work during the day), no one to meet, nothing to do outside, and plenty of time alone. Who knows, maybe it was an isolated incident. But I think it would be nice to start to bring it back into the routine.


Velma Bolyard said...

we hibernate in our separate north country homes, i will imagine you and your violin, you can bet i'm weaving.

Unknown said...

it's amazing to read you, specially after being skyping that very morning for a little while and knowing the antecedents. l love it!!