Friday, December 25, 2009

Still for a moment

I'm in that post-too-much-activity state (too many days in a row of being in a moving vehicle for 6-7 hours at a time) where all I desire is to stay in bed forever.

This (and top) was part of an exhibit at the Grande Bibliotheque in Montreal.

And this is part of the architectural design. I'm moving much more slowly right now, but did take a nice walk and have lunch w/an old friend yesterday. Tomorrow I have two dates in the city, where I'll likely pig out, which is dangerous since my stretchy pants are already tight.

In the spirit of desiring to stay in bed forever, I insist on naps today for all! I will take the lead.

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  1. ha! i checked in after hauling in some wood, now it's time for aspirin, arnica, and nap. (skiing took it's toll.)


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