Friday, December 18, 2009

New/old videos

This is a video I had made for my lectures but only now got around to uploading. It's a quick view of four different Korean papermakers using the traditional webal technique of forming sheets to make hanji. I had all the rest of my videos on Vimeo but decided today to go back to my YouTube channel and add them there as well. In the process, I found this video about a mill in Jeonju that I had visited twice in Korea. It's in a tourist location and they use a half-mechanized system of making sheets in the ssangbal technique (what is used in Japanese papermaking), but the information is still relevant.

The old videos are of a master papermaker in the south of Korea, a screen maker (this is actually worth a peek b/c I added more subtitles and info), and me.


  1. Ok, that's two nights I got totally absorbed in videos you posted, last night and night before!
    All fascinating. I am thinking now that I want a hanji screen...
    (Also, I have been given the coolest security code word ever so that I can leave this post: inkiest).

  2. if you really want one, i think it would probably be about $700 and i could ask my teacher to do another order, though it wouldn't get made soon. since that guy is the only one left making screens, he has all the work in the country!


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