Sunday, December 06, 2009

Good Miami karma, bad travel karma

For anyone interested in affordable art just in time for holiday shopping + supporting artists! Starting Dec 9, Diaspora Vibe will be doing a small works show; all art is under $500!

It is now 8pm. I woke up at 5:30am to leave Miami. The first flight was delayed an hour. But I got to the Syracuse airport just fine, on time, ready to wait 2 hours until Ben flew in from his NYC weekend. Foiled! He missed his flight and I had to book him a new one, that just left an hour ago. I will have spent at least 6 hours in this airport by the end of the night, plus at least 3 hours in Miami and Philly airports. And we have a 1.5-hour drive home.

I guess it's an appropriate bookend for this trip: my initial flight to Miami on Wednesday was cancelled after we boarded and then the engine started to leak fuel. Four hours late, I had to take three planes instead of two (Syracuse to D.C. to Charlotte to Miami) and then somehow rolled off of that last plane and into Rosie's car only to find that I was directly on my way to Vernissage for Art Basel, in all my rumpledness. Everyone else was decked out and I was in jeans and a t-shirt. At least I was able to change out of my sneakers.

But I'll try to just focus on the goodness inside of the travel hell. Isn't that candid fun? Two guys came into the gallery and I did lots of talking about everything related to the show and paper and hanji and Daniel did good on his word and emailed the pic of us to me already! I clearly need a haircut.

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