Monday, December 14, 2009


I finally finished Jane Portal's Korea: Art and Archaeology this weekend; today I have to tackle the notes. She mentioned some of the ancient crowns being related to shaman culture and their similarity to crowns found at Tillya Tepe, a site in current-day northern Afghanistan. I just saw images and they are so beautiful! Scroll down to see the Korean crown, then the one from Tillya Tepe (the interview is good, too, talking about matrilineal royalty in Korea and the power of women in shamanism, though we may never know definitively how powerful they were). The Korean ones were inspiration for a lot of my work and sketchbook research before I went to Korea, during, and after.

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  1. My Silla history is a bit shakey but it's odd that Queen Seondeok was not explicity mentioned ( I think she is referred to though in the article, it's just her name does not appear. If I recall correctly she used Buddhism a lot to try and strengthen her throne (I wrote about it in my comp but I'd have to review it.


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