Monday, November 02, 2009

There go another pair of pants

[Susan's 3rd piece in class.] After Ben very gracefully exited his comfort zone to do Potsdam and the arts community with me on Saturday, we had a Sunday morning fight where I refused to work out at the gym down the road. He tried to explain to me that just as we had talked in class on Saturday about kids who are told that they can/not do or be certain things (our convo focused on kids whose creativity is negated and stifled by teachers who think it has to look a certain way), I had gotten the Wrong Idea early in life about my athletic ability.

[The demo piece I made in Miami during my artist talk; Ben liked it so much he insisted that he get to keep it so I hung it over the TV.] I survived the gym and the sweaty boys doing their weight training yesterday (and even shot hoops!), which prepared me for another round today. An unexpected crew of men arrived this morning to rip out and replace a countertop. Lots of grunting and complaining about liquid nails, the wrong size of x and y, who ordered this piece, etc. LOTS of loud noises. I got two pieces done and started unsatisfying and weird pieces, but then realized I had to get out early for my walk b/c of the time change. I walked along the tracks and on the way back saw three teenaged boys approaching, which always freaks me out. Once I got close enough to see their matching sneakers with different colored laces (white, red, and cyan), one of them said hi and smiled. That SO made my day, since it already tipped the scales of how many live people I run into on a daily basis around here. Then, I saw a kid running after his very unruly and unleashed dog, who zipped across the street whenever he saw a vehicle approaching (cars, vans, school buses). Though if that dog lives here and stays home most of the day, I don't blame him for bolting and hurling himself into danger the moment he gets a chance at freedom.

[I made this as a demo in class this weekend.] I got back and tried to fix up the piece I started earlier today, but I don't like how the iron mordant smells when the hanji is wet again; it makes me paranoid about it seeping into my skin, too. But it's coming along. And, of course, I ruined another pair of perfectly fine pants inking it. I knew I should have worn the apron!!

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