Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bummer! But a feature, too

Only half the show is hung, so tomorrow morning I hope to hit the gallery early and get most of the hard stuff done before Laura, the gallery director, and her intern arrive to help out. In my nervousness on one-lane county routes and not being used to the rental car, I ended up getting pulled over and ticketed. I've lost my speeding violation virginity! And it felt dreadful. The cop was perfectly neutral and not rude (this is always my fear) and a woman wearing silver wedding bands. It happened only about an hour into a 4-hour ride w/o no phone reception, so I had to drive the rest of the way feeling upset and then was punished by being trapped smack in the middle of a military convoy on a mountain route for an hour, going 30-40 mph. AGH!!

But at least the cars in Lake George actually stop for pedestrians at crosswalks with no lights! I was SO SHOCKED that I started to wave the car that stopped for me by, but then all the other ones stopped, too. It was like life on another planet.

The good news: the feature article on me came out in the local paper and it looks faboo in print. Plus, the editor was so kind as to leave out most of my TMI. I'm staying at a super wonderful board member's home for the evening and hope to just sleep off the difficult day in hopes that tomorrow will be 100% positive: a well-hung show done on time, a safe drive back, and more time to snap pics - the gallery is right on the water.

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