Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost hung!

This is the building where the Lake George gallery lives - in the back of it. Which is the front of this photo. My rental car is parked on the side, and it was SO great to just get up early and get a head start and work alone in the gallery for about 3 hours yesterday morning. I had arrived in the afternoon totally demoralized by the drive, and spent the whole evening in bed, stressing in very active but unhealthy ways.

So even though I got very little sleep, yesterday's install went well. Plus the morning light comes right into the gallery and it was a gorgeous day, so I was totally on it, and had all the work off the floor or table by the time Laura arrived to help hang some more and light. I marked the rest of the work, and left it in her able hands to finish the install as I hit the road for an uneventful drive back. I had considered taking the highway back, but decided to try and overcome the misery of the day before by taking the same route back through the mountains to get over my distress. It was prettier this time around, maybe b/c traffic was less stressful, the time of day, and the fact that the show was pretty much taken care of.

I forgot to shoot three of the pieces b/c I was in such a rush, but I have a basic sketch of the show up here. It's a really airy show - Laura said it makes you feel like you're floating. That's good, b/c that was the sense I wanted of this: everything OFF the floor. Off of most anything, really (walls, floors, surfaces...though there are a couple pedestals in there). I returned the car and had a funny convo w/the owner of the rental place while I waited for Ben, who arrived to sing me endless songs about how I'm a speeder, to try and help me not feel badly about it (not sure that was the best tactic, but it was levity, at least). We went to an Indian place for dinner, which totally hit the spot. We had to run errands afterwards, which did not, but I slept really hard last night and today has been a decent day of recovery.

I've been noting how self-destructive my stress and anxiety habits are, but also observing how exacerbated they are by my isolation. Usually, I would have had the traumatic experience (being pulled over and ticketed) and then hashed it out a billion times w/friends and family, which would have helped dissipate the initial awfulness. But this time I was essentially eaten up by myself for the next three hours in the car alone w/no phone reception, and then met strangers. It's really interesting, seeing how I do in longer periods of isolation. It's a weird thing, where I simultaneously feel totally fine and disturbingly off. But what helped a LOT w/perspective was kicking back and watching "The Business of Being Born," where I cried every single time a baby popped out. It was intense. But great info. Disturbing, of course, but not surprising if you consider anything that relates to women, babies, and their health. Now I'm going to veg even more and watch "Street Fight." I love having a sister who can recommend good documentaries!

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