Monday, October 26, 2009

Syracuse scenes

All I want to eat anymore is soup. Which also explains why I am still in bed: it's too cold to get out! I'm recovering from a long, full weekend. Yesterday, I got up early to drive to Syracuse to meet Helena at the bus/train station. We then drove with no destination in mind (she is a remarkable navigator - the best one I've ever had sit by my side) and ended up walking around a cemetery.

She had said, who would have imagined, Seoul to Syracuse! We had met in Korea - she was a Fulbright senior scholar in peace studies - and it turns out that her husband's family is from Syracuse. So we've now met in Seoul, NYC, and Syracuse. Hopefully we will meet again in Belfast when I am at the Flax residency next spring. She has a great deal of travel ahead of her (one destination being Korea, no less! I am jealous. In my jealousy, I had dreams last night about Katherine packing up her things, getting ready to return to the US).

After I dropped Helena back at the depot, I headed to downtown Syracuse to visit the Everson, the Y, the bank, and a coffeeshop. It was fairly dead but at least the weather was nice and the sun was out. I had to kill about six hours before Ben arrived at the airport, so I did the inevitable: go to the mall. Just walking around made me feel ill, so I laid down in the car for a while in the parking lot. Despite all of that, I was actually late getting to the airport b/c I am so skilled in wasting time. I also drove in circles for most of my solo driving (either looking for parking or looking for the highway - serious detours are in place and signs direct you in all sorts of circles), listened to a great Sarah Jones talk on NPR, and at one point had to get out of the car to move a barrier during one of my wrong turns.

After three trips to the gas station in the last three days, hours upon hours in the car, lots of Jay-Z, and too many multigrain chips, I'm back on base. What I've learned this weekend is that this is not a good place for me to be. I'm doing the best I can, but I'm turning into a dull pencil. I get deadened, so it's hard to do my thing. I loved what Helena said about how we do work that uses the back of our head so much that we can't clutter up the front of our brains. I just have to push myself hard to get through the next two shows, get some family time (but not with my family) for turkey day, and then hit Miami. After that, serious negotiation will be in order as to where I end up living.

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