Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sailing thru the install

This is one of the views from the hotel suite. I slept like a princess w/at least six pillows.

This was the start of the day after Gordon dropped me off at the gallery. Alejandro is such a whiz! We started after 10am and were pretty much done before 5pm. I'm very happy w/the pace. Tomorrow we'll do finishing touches and then I think we're set for the opening at 7pm.

Leandro met us at the gallery to help, and it was like magic. They are a perfect team, and both of them totally understood what needed to happen w/my work, and then they make it happen. I would turn around and things would be hung! I LOVE working in environments like these. Today was all about fishing line for me, which I have a love/hate with, but everything came together.

The main gallery is pretty much done and lit; Alejandro will build a shelf for a large book and a platform for a floor piece tonight and then I think the worst is over. I need to figure out if and how I will do a rope install and then I need to do some prep for my Saturday talk - I'll have to clean up some video footage from Korea and design the talk, so that will be tonight's work.

I am totally spending all my time indoors or inside of cars, but I did step out for lunch today. Scorching. I'm soooo waiting until the loved ones arrive before spending any significant time outside. Otherwise, everything is going great!

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polarchip said...

Looks so exciting! I wish I could be there!