Friday, October 09, 2009

Morning after

Well, now it's the afternoon but I took a slow morning. This is the main gallery after the install.

Alejandro built me a beautiful shelf for my book! Totally gorgeous.

This piece is in the smaller gallery space. The opening was lovely and we had a great turnout. I rambled during my speech that was supposed to be short, but I always ramble, and more so when I'm tired. I met lots of interesting characters and felt really supported by the DV community.

Gordon even got a 3-piece jazz band to play live, which was such a treat. We went out for a little bit after the opening but I only lasted until probably about midnight or 1am before turning in. Juan just came by for the photo shoot at the gallery and now I get to meet the loved ones in Miami Beach! Tomorrow I'll be back for the talk.

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mjc said...

Congrats! It looks gorgeous; wish I could be there in person.