Tuesday, October 06, 2009

If only

The art made it!! I was so ready w/all sorts of arguments and even braced myself for the possibility of having to cry at the ticket counter if they tried to charge me extra for this box, but it was fine. TSA told me they'd open it, which I was very unhappy about, but despite two flights and rain and getting sliced open, everything made it to Miami just fine.

I loved this bear cloud on the Philly to Miami leg. Getting up at 2:45am was awful and Ben was a total sport to do the drive both ways (70 min each way, then crazy work - he's in the field or on the range or whatever for the next few days for a live fire so he doesn't even get to go home and sleep normally) and we even had a scare on 81 w/a huge deer that he swerved to miss. I amazingly slept a whole bunch in the airport during my 3-hour layover and even on the 2nd flight. Gordon, who co-directs the gallery, got me from the airport, drove me around the city a little, and got me a huge and yummy sandwich before we headed to the gallery to meet Rosie, the curator and director.

I also met Patricia, who does all the admin, and Alejandro, who I can already tell will be the best installer I've had yet. This team is seriously great. It's going to be a lot of work, but we mapped out the space, I'm already freaked out about not having enough artwork, and I am settling into my lovely digs. Dinner in 10 w/Rosie, then the evening to chill and regroup before a big day tomorrow: full-on install. Though, honestly, I live for this work.


mjc said...

Yay! You and the art made it there safely. Once it's up, I think it will look like 'enough' - just from the photo. I iwhs I could be there.

Velma Bolyard said...

i wish i could be there, too. wonderful pictures. that bear has also been spotted down the road from my house.