Saturday, October 24, 2009

The antidote for many an ailment

Last night, I drove back north to visit Velma. She treated me to a fabulous dinner at Blackbird, where we had a pumpkin bisque that was like pumpkin pie as a soup. YU-UM. We stayed up late talking in the living room as I spilled tea all over myself, and eventually I got to sleep in her daughter's lovely bedroom, where I had my first really solid, non-stressful sleep since I've arrived north.

Velma fed me three very satisfying meals today, and when I arrived last night, there was a bar of hazelnut dark chocolate for me next to a lit beeswax candle that made everything smell delicious. She is SO GOOD at taking care of people! Outrageously so. We spent the whole day inside at her work table, talking, showing each other spinning tricks, comparing notes, sharing work, and having a really great time. I needed this SO badly, and feel super lucky to have her as a friend.

What I find so crazy is that she is so solid in all of her work and her skills, but hidden away in the wide world! She has spent her whole life seeking out the things that she cares about and is curious about and actually goes and learns things constantly. It's pretty amazing how many teachers she has had and students she has taught and places she has been. Like I said this summer, her home and studio is a dream playpen for artists. Take a look.

The funniest thing was that we were indoors, shivering all day, only to find when I left to get into the car that it was totally warm and lovely! We were fooled by the storm clouds.


  1. Thanks for this! Lovely to be able to put a face and artwork to Ms. Velma (and a border collie, too!)

  2. Hi, yes, great to see you Velma!
    Your studio looks fab - I want to explore.


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