Sunday, September 06, 2009

There and back, hooray

I'm home after a long day of waiting for the opening, then doing it and the talk, and then making the trip back. It went well - a respectable crowd given holiday timing and location - and the heart of it being that the people who gave birth to the people who made this show possible were all there. I figure, if I can give an artist talk in front of my parents and the parents of my friend whose dying and death inspired the bulk of the show, I can do anything. And I'm not talking about giving a lecture to a darkened auditorium; these people were all nearly in my lap.

There were some special surprise visits, too. Lavinia and Susan both made trips to cap the start and end of the opening, and I got a good grilling on my artist statement, which proved that people actually read them! I didn't put explanatory text up as I thought that I would, but am still okay with how it turned out. More on why this was the ideal spot for me to show, and show this particular work, after I get some rest.

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