Monday, September 14, 2009

Take easy

I had a profound desire for a chunk of the afternoon to be horizontal and reading. So I read this for a bit. Eventually I righted myself and have found some fantastic notes from a performance class in grad school:

People get real upset about real estate

People are confident jerks

American dream = OWNERSHIP

Waiting/patience/commitment creates anxiety

Our large ego (developed for survival, superpredators) is a specific insanity, and it is a challenge to overcome that ego

No sense anymore of gratitude and sacrifice

The weather is perfectly balanced in terms of light, temperature, and wind. I patched some hanji that came unglued. I sent a proposal and printed floor plans. I browsed this. I ran for 20 minutes. I unrolled a piece from three years ago and rolled it up again. Same with a piece from nine years ago. I ate an apple. It's that kind of Monday.

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