Friday, September 25, 2009

Signing off for now

My mother is being the best lately; I haven't talked a lot about how my relationship w/my family has changed since my year in Korea. Not w/my extended family in Korea, but also w/my parents and sister back home. Overall, it's good. It's kind of weird to grow through this life phase for the first time where most parties are all growing and changing, and things are on the whole improving, AND I am fully aware of it all. Usually I can't see it until later but it's kind of amazing. You never think your parents will change, and then they do, and sometimes you have no idea how to deal with that, either. The whole becoming an adult child is also interesting to live through. I know that they still think of me as the tiny baby or small girl or whatever, but we've gotten to a good stage in the adult relationship - I'm sure that owes a lot to being able to communicate better b/c of language, life experience, and acceptance of each other.

Today, my mom took me to a Korean sauna and b/c I'll be out of town for my bday next month, she got me a scrub and massage as an early gift. It was soooo nice. I had tons of yummy steam sauna time and cold tanking and am not sure how I survived it all on so little sleep, but there are much worse things to have to survive. Ha! I esp loved having the woman working on me stand up on the table w/her feet on my feet. That's my fave, but no one ever does that.

We checked out the new Korean supermarket nearby and got goodies and staples for my move upstate since I will be in the land of nothing very Asian at all. And then browsed for clothes - I got a ridiculously cute green dress for Miami, and am horrified by the fattening of America. Since when am I a size 2?! Size altering has gotten out of control. We stopped for noodles at the Korean Chinese place near the GWB and then headed home. I'm now about 1/10th into the packing routine but keep getting distracted. I'm nervous b/c Ben hasn't gotten internet installed at the new place so I won't be reliably online until next Wed or Thurs. This hopefully will not destroy me, since I still have at least one outstanding app that has to be submitted online. I'm pretending that I have a 3-month residency on an army base, so I'll just see this as one of those "it's too windy so the connection is down" or "there was a blizzard" or "an animal ate the cables" reasons for being disconnected from the world.


  1. ah, elotes y camotes en el mercado!
    la mejor de las suertes uptown!

  2. Wishing the best for the move!


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