Friday, September 18, 2009

Sheer brilliance

Tam just gave me the link to her friend Lainie's new website, and I had to slap myself to stop reading every single comic this morning; otherwise, I would still be reading now and have gotten nothing done whatsoever. All of her work is great, and I love the site itself. Especially how the little girl appears and disappears - the line drawing, then her shadow, and then her silhouette in another color! It took a little while for me to figure out how to navigate the comics, but they are SO good.

Oh, and we got press in Time Out New York for the comics show opening next week!

Still, Lainie's stuff totally takes the cake. This one made me laugh aloud. And I was looking for the one w/a huge cake on the right side of the page (see, my only partially photographic memory is useless), and just got sucked into looking at more for the last few minutes. Go and see for yourself. They are the bomb.

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  1. I love Lainie's work, and I hope more people will love it, too. She's brilliant (like another artist I know).


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