Friday, September 11, 2009


Eee! I just found out that I've been giving out the wrong info for months about perilla. It's NOT wild sesame, it's just called that for no reason. Thank goodness my food science-trained dad clued me in: it's actually part of the mint family and not related to sesame at all. I want to clear that up since I hate spreading misinformation. Oil extracted from perilla seeds is what my hanji teacher uses to oil his paper, and it goes from a light yellow to a deep orange over time. And smells SO good.

The other major misconception is worse, but harder to counter: the whole "rice paper" confusion. I go crazy when people refer to hanji (or any thin sheets with long fibers formed w/eastern techniques) as "rice paper" and then lecture them about how there's no such thing. Rice makes crappy paper, and the best you can get is rice straw paper. At that point, you might as well eat newsprint. I won't continue on this rant b/c I've already done it before.

The good news: I mailed off three apps today and was invited to do another show upstate! Yes, crazy, but it will be work from the first show and some older work that would be just right, so I'm going for it.

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