Monday, September 28, 2009


We pulled up to this building, and of the four complexes, of course I get to live here. My life felt like pure comedy. Not Aspen, or Vail, or Pico Peak, but Whiteface. But the place is clean and fine (not ideal for my work, but I'll manage) and the views are of trees, which are red right now. This weekend was a flurry of unpacking and organizing. Strange to me that Ben is even bothering to do a full unpack since he deploys in just a few months, but it will be nice to have a real home base for that time instead of a makeshift, living out of boxes existence. Yesterday, we hit four huge retail outlets and then got groceries on base. After having lunch at a chain restaurant. A pretty intense welcome to the area. I called Velma while at Lowe's for refuge and a familiar voice.

I am now snacking like a fiend while adjusting to this strange setting (but not for long, b/c I fly to Miami in a week. Terrified but still avoiding the prep). To counter that, I tried to take a walk this afternoon during a deceptive patch of sun. It had been rainy and windy all morning but the sun appeared after lunch, so I ventured out, got not very far down the road before stopping to make a phone call, and then turned to see monster storm clouds and booked it back home in the rain. So much for getting my bearings today! This was the second and last pic I got to snap, with the grass laying flat from wind.


  1. OK, that building title is hilarious...laughed as soon as I saw the image, before reading. Have a great time!
    Adjusting to a home base has its strangeness, I can confirm.

  2. yep, that mountain is ours. grin. my nephew used to work on it collecting clouds, then telemark home.


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