Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jami Tuesday

I had all these brilliant things to report but then got caught up in the usual admin BS and now I am barely awake. But the short version is that I had lunch with Jami and then we hung out at her place and swapped stories and she gave me sage advice on everything that matters. She talked about forcing herself to interact with people b/c it's a good thing to do for all those involved and I kind of felt like, why bother if you don't feel like it? But then I left and thought about everything she had said and realized that it IS really important to do that (at least in my case) since otherwise I end up thinking in irrational and paranoid circles. Even when I think I don't feel like it and would be perfectly happy to be alone for long stretches of time with no meaningful human contact - as in, in-person contact. This is key.

So today was totally worth it even though I aggravated my poison ivy by wearing shoes and walking. It's probably my last solid girl date this year. I could be wrong, but I really have to do admin work that acts like Medusa and rest the foot and finish up some art.

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