Thursday, September 03, 2009

Avoiding the underground

Ah, the wondrous booklet that lists the artist-in-residence programs (I still wish there was a site w/good hyperlinks directly to the program sites) was uploaded in PDF form. I read the hard copy a few nights ago in bed. I highly recommend such activity. Click here, then scroll down and click the rainbow-y swatched cover.

I heard some horrible rumor about the national parks being collateral to China for mortgaging our national debt. And a story from a friend who went solo to Zion National Park, and through a valley saw a Walmart. He went to his room afterwards, threw a fit, and cried. I'm glad that I have friends who are moved this way but wish more people in the world were. I finally got a few pics from my month on Connecticut's only national park land uploaded.

Today was quite a day. A heavy morning load of work, writing, show prep, exercise, family time, catching up barely w/Ching-In back from China, and then dashing down for a long shoot. I don't know how Stefan does it, but he's such a pro. I always have too much to carry to bring my own camera, but if you saw the rigging for these shoots ... they're often more impressive than the art itself!! Also, traveling with a 4.5-foot roll of paper that can't be jostled on either end is quite a challenge. I have managed to make it into town and not ride the subway, which is something I've been dreading. Let's see how long I can keep it up.

Meeting family and a friend for dinner in Koreatown was a nice way to cap the day. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as intense, and I'll have enough down time to get everything packed for the trip and install on Saturday for my show.

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