Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too much pizza is real

To counter my incredibly humid and unproductive Saturday, I ran off today to New Haven to see Terttu (who shot this photo)! It was great. I was totally unprepared for the intense sun (I thought they forecasted rain!) but it was great to see her new grad school (and possibly the ugliest school of art I have ever seen, ever), her new apt, hit a block party, and EAT.

Block party? Oh, yes. Terttu was modeling for a friend in a driveway fashion show, so we got to hang for a while and eat food perfect for a Sunday. [the house colors in this town are pretty amazing!]

[I don't even try to tame the hair in this kind of weather.] This was after I met her in the morning at the train station and we walked to a ridiculously huge organic brunch. I had been craving huevos rancheros forEVER, so as soon as I spotted it on the menu, it was all over. Terttu had eggs florentine and we gorged ourselves, then walked a bunch and finally to her place, where we re-hydrated and then basically collapsed for a nap. Once we came to, I ground up cochineal bugs (there is no blender here) and we did a photo shoot to Beyonce's "Halo" before rushing out to the block party.

The designer, the MC, the DJ. Good times, great music!

After stopping at the health food store, we went home for snacks and then headed back out to another part of town for Italian ices. There were crazy lines for pizza at the two popular joints, so we went back downtown to get an eggplant / basil / spinach white pizza at Bar, which we ate in a "park" (dozens of benches strewn around on bricks and concrete with a few pathetic trees) until it started to rain. We walked to the station and hung until my train left. I was super lucky and got a ride home from the interim ED and her husband, which was a relief - I had brought my headlamp to do the hike, but it would have been dangerous w/the dark, fog, and winding roads that cars like to speed on. I only realized once I got of the train that I had one slice too many, but it was totally worth it. Terttu is the best meds for my soul!

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  1. so much fun! thank you thank you for coming. i feel so lucky to have your friendship. i'll let you know how the beyonce shots turn out


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