Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today's a dud

I did my compulsory ranger-led tour of the site today, which was 30 min and more like a lecture at one end of the path and more of the lecture at the other end of the path (complete with "slides"!). And the path is short. This and a site in New Hampshire are the only arts-related national park service areas. This is Cassie, one of the rangers, who was an art history major but also wanted to work for the park service, so this job is perfect for her, as an interpretive ranger.

These are buildings that are under construction and the one in the middle is the former studio of a sculptor grandson of Brigham Young, who married the second daughter of the painter that this farm is named after. Weir was from an elite art family and this was his second home (he had a place in NYC). Here, he'd paint the landscape, and then used the money from selling his art to put back into the land to make it even more picturesque so that he could paint more and sell more and so on. He did the switch from the Hudson River school of painting to American Impressionism, and had the caretaker build him a mobile studio, which was a hut complete w/wood stove that could be hitched to oxen that would drag him around the farm so he could paint even in inclement weather. The caretaker thought he was just spoiled and called the structure a "palace car."

This land straddles two towns (Wilton & Ridgefield) - Pelham Lane is the dividing line. I live right off of it, on Nod Hill Road. Weir called his whole place the Land of Nod. It was fairly quiet today except for an ant that got into my pants and bit me during the tour (there was a family there so I couldn't just pull them down to figure out what all the commotion was on my hip when I felt the sting and the critter; eventually I turned away to peek and there it was. I was generous enough to let it go w/o killing it). And the guy who mowed the lawn yesterday came back today to weed wack.

But b/c I still haven't been sleeping well or in a timely fashion, I've been tired all day and not very sharp. I've been doing annoying admin, like struggling to get a contract for a show opening soon, and realizing that some ideas I had for it will not work at all. I also have becoming painfully aware of how short my attention span has gotten, which makes it hard to do anything. So much for all the discipline I honed during the first 20 years of my life - it's all gone now! I have been attempting a head shift by wearing this apron as a uniform, but it's not working today as well as it did last night.

I think the best plan for tonight will be some dinner and then an early bedtime so that tomorrow I can actually be productive in a visible way.

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