Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tick tick tick

There are so few days left, and I barely get anything done lately. But this morning, I did spin this rope from a failed paper experiment. I used it to rig my hanji samples at tonight's presentation - it was the perfect length.

This was also salvaged from the experiment but much less successful than the rope. No, I'm not going into business making paper flowers for weddings. Though I should if I want to make a killing, from what I hear about the wedding paper flower trend.

I turned this other failed joomchi piece into a book, which finally helped me get rid of my random tiny woven pieces. Now it's a sample book! Since I am obsessed with making sample books. They're so stress-free, and educational, and straightforward, and fun to make. I made three tiny books also while waiting for my ride to the library.

Today would have been a gorgeous day to work all day, with a great breeze, but I had to stop halfway and shower and then install my work at the library. I swear I had the camera in my hands to shoot it, but the moment I turned it on, a friend walked thru the door so I had to put it away. Tonight went really well - I went on and on about hanji in a very rambly way, yet people seemed for the most part to pay attention and not fall asleep! We had a great turnout - I would have needed all my fingers AND toes to count the audience, and they loved the work I brought. The only thing was that I was inundated by curious questions before and after, so I couldn't even get CLOSE to the food table. But the ED was kind enough when she picked me up to bring some fresh farmers market goodies. We drove past the lemonade stand but the kids had ran out - one of the boys drank it all.

Tomorrow is my open studio for the park employees! Then I have three days left to work. Yeeeee...

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  1. glad everything went well!!!
    take it easy the last days.


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