Thursday, August 06, 2009

There goes another day

I am going to be really happy when this tangled mess gets straightened out, but I imagine it won't happen this week. This is milkweed on the path across the street. I miss the days when I had nothing I had to do except harvest those goodies and then go to bed on a huge Swedish foam mattress, listening to coyotes. Last night was brutal: I tried to go to bed early, but the mildew kept me up. After Ben rang at midnight to say he was alive and well, I hauled bedding upstairs and set up a makeshift spot on the floor of my studio. I went downstairs 3x at various times of the night and early morning to fetch more since today was unusually cold. But I think this will be bed from now on.

I had a visit from the head volunteer for the program and Jen, who is in charge of me this month, and they reassured me that it was fine to run the a/c to deal w/the bedroom situation. Janice, the interim ED, came by to try and set up wireless but ended up taking it all back w/her after a couple of hours and will come by tomorrow to try again. I took an early morning walk on a new road, which was lovely, and did my best to do good self-care since I was running on so little sleep. But I haven't gotten any work done besides more admin and struggling w/this upcoming exhibit. It's incredible how much time and energy the tiniest things eat up.

At least I'm showered and had really good chicken soup and rice for lunch. And got to talk to Terttu: we are in the same state!!! This hasn't happened for years.

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