Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still too hot

I got up too early today and had to lay down at 9:30am or so but had a good work session in the morning, which was a nice treat. I didn't think I would, b/c I was foolish enough last night to have green tea after dinner, and got a big jolt of second wind to work in the studio at night. Which felt great. I got nice news from my cousin, who said his son was born at 3.5 kg, a big-eyed, handsome boy.

Today, I have no idea what I did b/c I'm delirious from the heat and humidity. We are waiting for storms to come in and break this weather, but in the meantime, I spent the afternoon weaving bark thread and then Christopher came over to help me shoot some things outside. I suddenly have a big load of admin work to do tonight, so I guess that will be my excuse to stay downstairs where it is cool. Though I think my brain has already melted away.

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